We’re in a throwaway world. Because I work in furniture, I know how long it takes to build something good; it’s much longer than it does in mass production.”

Mac Moulden


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The Community Space

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As the economic and political landscape of Indiana continues to change, it is vital to secure permanent spaces for radical organizing, learning, cooperation, gardening, public events, non-profit efforts, and open discussions. We are a collective of artists, inventors, non-profits, community organizers, and makers creating that space in Bloomington, Indiana.

Many community center buildings are rented rather than owned. We now own a space that we are working to make accessible to the community and sustainable over time. Without the stress of rent hikes, we are better positioned to increase mission-driven programming over time and maximize resources to the community. If you like this can-do attitude and want to work to revitalize our neighborhoods with skills, friendships, and more, then stop by the Overlook.

Neighborhood Planting Project

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We’re planning the planting and maintenance of hundreds of native fruit-bearing trees and bushes in the yards and public spaces of four west-side neighborhoods, for free to neighborhood landowners.
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